Who is Ross Meurant?

As managing director and trustee of absentee Russian owned forestry and commercial property in the Gisborne district for the past 10 years, Ross has participated in many aspects of commercial activity on the East Coast, injecting near $5 million into local contractors.

With nine years’ experience as an MP, including Under Secretary Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry and select committee chair for Fisheries, he has sound understanding of major Tairawhiti industries.

A former police inspector, Ross also has private business interests delivering sustainable fisheries policy and aqua culture technology in the Middle East. He is the Honorary Consul for Morocco.

He has a Master’s degree in Economics, Law, Statistics and Policy. Ross will re-locate from Auckland to Gisborne, if elected.

With no hidden agenda, Ross will provide a new vision to improve rail, road and air infrastructure and enhance the commercial environment including job creation and small business opportunities.

Ross is a direct descendant of Chief Te Tuhi-o-te-rangi of Ngati Mahuta and thereby of King Te Whero whero of Tainu.

WHAT does Ross stand for?


My personal philosophy is: “Good Fortune is Hard Work” [Machiavelli].

My VISION for the FUTURE of TAIRAWHITI, is also predicated on, Hard Work – AND on a level playing field.

  • GISBORNE has enormous potential. But it’s frustrated by transport access & freight rates.
  • Access to international and New Zealand markets, by Eastland’s core industries of: beef & sheep, fisheries, forestry, horticulture, tourism and winemaking, is severely restricted by, inadequate infrastructure.
  • My commitment will be to remove as many impediments to market lead growth, as I can find the support for – among councilors.

The roads cannot handle the ever-increasing volume of forestry trucking.
Excessive trucking, places all road users at risk.
Road maintenance & upgrades portend massive expenditure.
Excessive trucking contributes to adverse environmental effects.


  • Rail, is an infrastructure denied to commercial operators, who need to get their products to market place, at a better freight rate than they endure now.
  • Rail freight rates are also denied to those producers and manufactures, who need to get raw materials, into Gisborne.
  • Rail also provides another access to a price competitive Port.
  • This results in loss of profit margin to the growers and manufactures which in turn adversely affects the capital they have available to expand their businesses – which in turn creates – jobs.
  • Eastland – and the rest of New Zealand for that matter, does not need jobs to be created within government. All the country needs, is a commercial environment which helps – and not hinders-entrepreneurial enterprise.
  • Competition in Air carrier access to Gisborne is, overdue. Tourism suffers.

VISION for Gisborne East coast TAIRAWHITI

My VISION is to improve and expand infrastructure of air, rail and road, throughout Gisborne Tairawhiti with the aim to provide:

  • Better and safer highways for public use;
  • Competitively priced freight for core industries of the region, thereby contributing to;
  •  Improved financial returns in; tourism, winemaking, horticulture, beef and sheep, fisheries and forestry, resulting in;
  • Expanding employment.
  • New opportunities for small business operators.
  • Ameliorate the adverse environmental effects of trucking.