Condolences at the St Petersburg terrorist attack

Condolences at the St Petersburg terrorist attack

CONDOLENCES at the St Petersburg terrorist attack were expressed by most international governments with Paris shutting down the lighting of Eiffel Tower as a mark of respect for the victims.

However I did not read any such sentiment emanating from the government of my country (though I may have missed the small print somewhere).

Instead I read where my former school, university and parliamentary colleague, the Hon Murray McCully, Minister Foreign Affairs & Trade, was boasting about undermining the anti-nuke legislation we hold dear, by allowing American warships into our ports.

The anti-nuke policy introduced to our shore by David Lange’s Labour government was later adopted by the National party while I was an MP.

In fact, it was I, at the time a lowly back bencher, who spoke publicly of the need for National to adopt Labour’s policy.

This ‘outrage’ landed me on the mat in caucus but much to the dismay of conservatives, I was supported by Maurice Williamson, Denis Marshall, Kathy OReagan and Winston Peters – and survived the guillotine.

Later my electorate of Hobson, at the national conference in Dunedin that year, table the remit which went all the way to the top with National adopting the no nuke policy as if it were their own invention.

So, I suggest I have every right to express my disgust at my old mate for failing in two duties I believe he had.

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