The original of the following article appeared in the New Zealand Truth newspaper:    Yanking My Chain, November 8, 2012 Opinion

A modified version (to accommodate passage of time) follows. Date line 12 April 2017



We remember well that ranting and raving by President GW Bush and his acolytes:

“Saddam has weapons of mass destruction (which included chemical weapons according to Wikipedia)!”

History tells us that there were no such WMD in Saddam’s arsenal and an enquiry by the British concluded the justification for invading Iraq, was fabricated.

But with French poodle Sarkozy and British corgi Blair, America ignored the UN declaration that invasion of Iraq would be unlawful; and invaded.

Today we see a similar rant and rave by the incumbent US president and his entourage:

“Assad has Weapons of Mass Destruction – specifically this time chemical weapons.”

But once again, the shadow of doubt, the spectre of fabricated evidence, looms large over the man they call, President Trump.

In 2012, sixty-six percent of US citizens were against the 12 year-long war in Afghanistan because every day some American died. America pay a high price for wars they had no right getting involved in.

Maybe a case of Deja vu Vietnam?

In 2012 sixty per cent of Kiwis favoured NZ staying in Afghanistan!

Perhaps those people were moved by Prime Minister John Key’s logic that our military “defend New Zealand” by being in a wilderness where they worship the same God as Christians, but prefer the more biologically defendable explanation of God’s messenger on Earth?

Afghanistan is a country which has endured invaders from Alexander the Great (330BC) to Genghis Khan (1200AD); and more recently French and British colonial domination until World War II, when the Germans and Japanese set the sun on the empires of these latter-day crusading exploiters.

New Zealand served as a puppet of America in an Afghan battle zone it now admits it couldn’t win. This has nothing to do with defending New Zealand but all to do with America seeking to loot and plunder the planet under the ruse of imposing its version of God and democracy.

Oh! And to fill the coffers of the Industrial Military Complex. Put another way, to socialise the costs and aggregate the profits of an unwinnable war.

With Guantanamo Bay – where America dumps people from anywhere without a warrant, delivered by black flights through countries like Romania and Poland – I am not surprised a growing part of our world rejects America as the salvation.

Regrettably, this trend to question America’s claim to world hegemony, is barely discernible in New Zealand. Perhaps however, a trawl through historic facts will speak sufficiently clearly for some to reflect on the perils of blind patronage.

As a former senior police officer, a university graduate in politics, an experienced politician and more recently a well-travelled international businessman in the Middle East, my view is that the cause of most world discord is America’s quest to rule the world.

So, lets us review some facts! After all, FACTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.

Since WWII the US has tried to achieve world domination and with the exception of a non-aligned period under Helen Clark’s Labour government 1999-2008 (which covered the unlawful war of Bush in Iraq), New Zealand has been a willing supplicant to American designs.

Not that America’s record instils confidence because it has lost nearly every conflict it has entered.

The first civil war America participated in, but lost, was in China where Mao Zedong’s defeat of American-sponsored Chinese war lord Chiang Kai Shek in 1947 set the dye for American interference in the affairs of other nations.

Later, New Zealand was dragged into the Korean conflict as part of a UN force suckered into fighting another civil war, on behalf of America, and were defeated. The Korean conflict started when America invaded what had been Japanese occupied Manchuria, to try and overturn a recently elected president of the new Post WW11 Korea.

Caption: Pyongyang 2016

In most cases the US started wars either by inciting turmoil and inventing bogeymen – such as communists and the Domino Theory in Vietnam when, in fact, Vietnam was simply another civil war where America chose to support their poodle, tyrant (Air Vice Marshall Ky) over the people’s choice (Ho Chi Minh).

Vietnam was of course a former French colony but following the defeat of France in WW 11, French omnipotence was challenged by the locals in Vietnam and in the battle of Dien Bien Phu, France was defeated.

For a decade, America carpet bombed Vietnam (carpet bombing was deemed a war crime after America carpet bombed Dresden in 1945). In the end, we all watched as American helicopters landing on American aircraft carriers with the remnants of their defeated military, were pushed into the South China sea.

The 1953 Iranian coup d’état, known in Iran as the 28 Mordad coup was the overthrow of the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh, orchestrated by the United Kingdom (under the name “Operation Boot”) and the United States (under the name “Operation Ajax”). Oil, not democracy, was the reason for Western interference.

As a result, the Shah of Iran was installed as another puppet of America- and few will forget what a tyrant he turned out to be.

In the 1960s Chile’s Allende survived clandestine CIA terrorism.  In 1961 America was humiliated when its attempt to invade Castro’s Cuba at the Bay of Pigs failed.

And despite Cold War sabre rattling by America, the Soviet Union was not intimidated and did not retreat from those nation states of the Iron Curtain, that it had physically liberated in the true sense of the word from Nazi Germany, until the flawed model of command economy caused the USSR to collapse from within in 1989.

America was further humiliated in Somalia and also in Nicaragua, where President Ronald Reagan’s man Colonel Ollie North was convicted of accepting gratuities resulting from clandestine CIA interference in that country’s affairs. Then in 1979 the Ayatollah defeated the US ally; the tyrannical Shah.

Overt unlawful aggression was the tool employed by America in the 2002 invasion of Iraq under the false pretext of weapons of mass destruction and in defiance of the United Nations’ refusal to “legalise” that invasion.

The chaos which has ensued since America’s unlawful invasion of Iraq, is more evidence that America lost that crusade and bequeathed the Middle East, remnants of Saddam’s army in the guise of ISIS.

In fact, it wasn’t until Russian satellites demonstrated that some 2000 fuel tankers per day were moving through Turkey to willing western buyers, that the Western world had to begrudgingly and silent accept that America had been caught red handed.

The fact that today EXXON, BP & SHELL petroleum companies dominate the harvest of Iraq’s oil reserves, emasculates claims of America that their Iraq War was a quest to help the populous.

The only proof we don’t have is confirmation that America was buying the oil for weapons supplied to ISIS. What we do have proof of is that ISIS gave birth to a new nation: The Kurds.

The Kurds today are supported by America. But this is a twin edge sword because NATO ally Turkey is the sworn enemy of the Kurds.

In Libya, American proxy NATO air power chose sides in another civil war only for the “liberated” regime to facilitate the murder of America’s ambassador to Libya and to turn another country into a quagmire/ failed state of competing War Lords.

Caption: Syrian Ambassador, Damascus, Palmyra.

With the developments in Libya, the Islamic Brotherhood initially winning at the ballot box in Egypt, chaos in Iraq and Syria coupled with Afghanistan using hi-tech American weapons, originally supplied to the Taliban to fight the Russians, against US and UN forces, epitomise the aphorism:  Be careful what you wish for.

American allies Qatar and Bahrain, both absolute monarchies of minority Islamic sects devoid of democratic representation, where democracy protests are brutally suppressed and medical doctors who tended wounded protestors were sentenced to death, enjoy American patronage.

These two Gulf States are, respectively, bases for the US air force and navy. The irony is, that these US surrogates demand democratic reform in fellow Islamic state Syria, on behalf of a Christian demagogue.

In Yemen where Saudis commit horrendous war crimes, America is mute.

Conversely, nuclear capable Pakistan, which tires of indiscriminate murder of its civilians by US drones, may well emerge the joker in the pack.

As the Yanks fail to fix the mess they have caused in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan, what gains have they achieved?

The answer is very clear – the chaos they always sought to create.

Out of which America will seek to divide, rule and loot to ensure that the coffers of those who own shares in the Military Industrial Complex, are always full and for which the long suffering American tax payer fits the bill and in doing so passes the cost on to succeeding generations.

The solution to this global turmoil, however, is simple: an all too familiar refrain over the past seventy years. Yankee Go Home.

If on the other hand they ignore this call, the ongoing costs of all these conflicts will eventually technically bankrupt this hegemon and confine this once great nation to the dustbin of history. And history tells us, that this is what happens to all nations which seek Empires.

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